[Please note that this program is being reviewed. Placements are not currently available.]

Information for U21 Nursing Students

Dear U21 nursing students, 

Congratulations on taking a step closer to globalizing your nursing education and gaining a competitive edge over your fellow class members far and wide.

The U21 network strives to create a distinctive experience and resource for students that will prepare them for life and work across borders, boundaries and cultures in the increasingly globalized 21st century society. We therefore encourage our students to take part in elective placements abroad and are very pleased to launch this program to offer nursing clinical placements to our students in U21 institutions.

Nursing schools worldwide recognize the increasing importance of global health training and the benefits of international clinical rotations for a nurse's development. International clinical experience brings many benefits such as:

- learning about a different health system,
- increasing awareness of cultural and socioeconomic factors as well as clinical and language communication,
- gaining better cultural understanding of nursing care,
- encouraging practicing nursing among underserved and multicultural populations.

To be considered for this program, nursing students should be selected by their own university, in their final years of study and be fluent in English (additional language competency may be required for specific universities).