14-15 June 2019: University College Dublin

Members from the Sustainable Development Goals Group ran another successful SDG Student Workshop at University College Dublin attracting over 50 students from five U21 HSG member universities.

Themed around helping students understand the UN SDGs and stimulate interprofessional problem solving, the group listened to presentations on topics about 'The Global HIV epidemic: Acheivement and Current Challenges in Treatment, Prevention and Cure' and 'Is Survival enough? Strengthening Rehabilitation towards the 2030 Agenda' as well as working together on various case studies relating directly to the SDGs.

Ebele Aniereobi, Medical Student, University of Birmingham commented:

'My group had students from different year groups and countries, and it was great to have a variety of perspectives when dealing with a challenge.

The entire workshop allowed me to find like-minded students from different universities and I look forward to keeping in touch and taking part in joint projects in the future.

Partnership is essential to the achievements of the SDGs and collaboration across cultures and professions can shed light on new solutions for our current problems

Details of future workshops will be added to this page when confirmed.

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