The 2014 Universitas 21 Health Sciences Summer School ran from 7-18 July, 2014 and was hosted by The University of Auckland in New Zealand. The theme of the Summer School was: Substance Misuse Studies: A Harm Reduction Approach.

The U21 HS Summer School focused on the issue of substance misuse and its consequences from a public health perspective. A harm reduction philosophy underpinned the programme, which is one which accepts that many people are unable or unwilling to be abstinent, and puts in place interventions which reduce harm to the individual, the community and society.

The Summer School took an interprofessional learning approach, with students learning in multiprofessional teams.The programme also included a focus on cultural issues in the context of substance misuse and harm reduction interventions, and the need for a culturally competent health workforce.

Participation and evaluation

26 students from 9 health disciplines and 14 institutions participated in the first U21 HS Summer School. All participants rated the organization, format and length of the Summer School as good, very good or excellent and all of them were very satisfied with the quality of the course. More information on participation and evaluation is available on this presentation.

Students' testimonials