July 2018

Last two weeks to register! - U21 HSG Annual Meeting 2018

Registration is still open for the U21 Health Sciences Group Annual Meeting hosted by the University of Melbourne but closes on Friday 3rd August 2018.

Registration closes early August as September is a particularly busy time in Melbourne due to a variety of key sporting events - so hotels book up very quickly. We strongly advise those of you who are yet to register to book as soon as possible. 

Please click here to register online and here for an outline schedule of the meeting. 

The theme of this year’s meeting is ‘Building Healthy Communities’ and will focus on the key areas of Student Mental Health and Gender Based Violence, with a global indigenous Health and Minority group focus interwoven throughout the week.

Please read below an outline from Vivienne Browne, Lead for Student Mental Health and Wellbeing for the Annual Meeting.

U21 HSG Annual Meeting - 
Student Mental Health and Wellbeing theme overview

This year's Annual Meeting includes a focus on student mental health and wellbeing. The experience of mental ill-health among university students, and the impact on teaching and student outcomes, has become an increasing area of interest and focus for higher education institutions internationally.

The student mental health theme will be delivered over two mornings of the programme (Wednesday 12 September and Friday 14 September).

On Wednesday, Professor Patrick McGorry, University of Melbourne, will focus on what is known about the prevalence, experience and impact of mental health issues among young people and students in universities. Importantly, it will engage participants in a discussion on what factors may be contributing to the heightened visibility of mental health issues in some universities and unpack the opportunities and challenges that exist for institutions to effectively respond.

Friday's sessions, led by Professor Geoff McColl, University of Queensland, will present ideas for future opportunities for designing and delivering university education in such a way that considers student wellbeing and mitigates, where possible, against the development, or escalation, of mental ill-health. With particular attention to health science professionals, the session will investigate opportunities to build preparedness among students to respond to the challenges and stressors experienced during their studies and in the transition to the early years of their career. This session will conclude with the identification of a potential project for interested U21 HSG members to progress through to the 2019 meeting in Glasgow.

We look forward to welcoming you to the sessions!

Vivienne Browne
Student Mental Health Lead,
U21 HS Annual Meeting 2018

New U21 HSG brand launched! 

You may have noticed our new branding appearing across our website and so we wanted to provide you with a short update on it's launch.

U21 recently refreshed their brand identity, and so, working closely with them, we wanted to ensure our branding aligned with this and reflected the relationship between us. Using the U21 logo design, we opted for a colour to differentiate us and to reflect a more modern and clean look.

The aim now is to ensure we update our logo where it is used across the network. The new branding and guidelines have been shared with your international leads from the International Development Group. However, if you do require a copy, please do contact Corrina. We realise that changing a logo is a process that can involve many steps and take some time, so we will finalise it gradually.

News from U21

Global Ingenuity Challenge  - 2018 Winners Announced

The GIC, organised by U21, is a competition, which challenges undergraduates to propose solutions to real-world challenges.  The theme for 2018 was "Global Issues: Student Responses", addressing the United Nations 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs).
The joint winners were from the University of Amsterdam and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  Full details and the video entries can be found here. We'll keep you all informed of future competitions.