April 2016

2016 Annual Meeting: United Kingdom – University of Birmingham

The 16th annual U21 HSG annual meeting will be hosted by the University of Birmingham from Sept 12-16, 2016 on the themes of Global Health and Health and Wellbeing. Registration and the preliminary program are available through the website.

U21 HSG Teaching Excellence Award 2016

In collaboration with the Educational Innovation Cluster, the HSG has launched the second annual Teaching Excellence Award which recognizes contributions of Faculty in international engagement and inter-disciplinary teaching. Two recipients of the 2016 award will be sponsored to attend the 2017 annual meeting in Johannesburg where they will deliver an inter-professional workshop together. The deadline for schools to provide their nominations is June 17; further details are on the website.

Global Learning Partnership Program

As part of the HSG UN Sustainable Development Goals initiative, the Global Learning Partnership (GLP) project has been developed over the past two years. It is a four week program which partners HSG students and academics with other universities in countries with UN SDG needs. Academics from HSG institutions and the local university will co-facilitate the program for students from HSG institutions and the local university.  Thirteen students from 7 institutions along with 4 HSG academics will participate in the pilot due to take place7 April-14 May in Nepal with Kathmandu University.  Jessica Lees, the Project Coordinator for the GLP based at the University of Melbourne will have a paper published on the program in the Journal of Public Health Research in May 2016; you can also view the following poster for information.

Summer School: Santiago

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) will host the HSG Summer School in July 2016 on the theme ‘early critical windows of preventative interventions’. Approximately 30 students from 12 different institutions are expected to attend. PUC has developed an informational video about the program (password: rojizocom).

Doctoral Student Forum

The annual Doctoral Student Forum (DSF) is an inter-professional and international networking and learning opportunity. The 2016 DSF will be held on September 12 in Birmingham. The theme will be ‘increasing the global relevance of my research’ and will include a panel of international reviewers, master classes, and poster presentations. Deadline for abstracts is May 27th; see website for details.

Sustainable Development Goals

Under the leadership of Nadia D’Alton,  UCD launched a SDG awareness week in April which included a number of keynote lectures from academics and students, along with other activities such a practical simulation and group discussion. The week intended to  explore Goal 3 of the SDGs: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. It is expected that UCD has paved the way for similar events across U21. Rajdeep  Banga (Dental Student, Birmingham) and Rodrigo Marino (Melbourne) wrote an editorial on the  work that they are doing on the SDG’s.