The U21 HSG Medical Clinical Placement Programme was launched by the International Development Group, a U21 HSG group who help create international opportunities for U21 HSG staff and students. The programme entails that U21 HSG institutions that have a medical degree offer up to 5 short-term Medical Clinical places to U21 students each year, waived from administration fees. 11 Deans of Medicine from the U21 network signed a Letter of Intent to provide a predetermined number of free medical clinical placements for U21 medical students under the Delhi Accord on U21 Student Mobility. We currently have 10 member institutions participating in the programme.

Information for U21 HSG Medical Students

Congratulations on taking a step closer to globalizing your medical education and gaining a competitive edge over your fellow class members far and wide.

The U21 HSG network strives to create a distinctive experience and resource for students that will prepare them for life and work across borders, boundaries and cultures in the increasingly globalized 21st century society. We therefore encourage students to take part in elective placements abroad and are very pleased to launch this programme that offers medical clinical placements to our students in U21 HSG institutions.

Medical schools worldwide recognise the increasing importance of global health training and the benefits of international clinical rotations for a physician's development. International clinical experience brings many benefits such as:

Learning about a different health system

Increasing awareness of cultural and socio-economic factors as well as clinical and language communication

Gaining better cultural understanding of medical care

Encouraging practicing medicine among under-served and multicultural populations.

To be considered for this programme, medical students should be selected by their own university, in their final years of study and be fluent in English (additional language competency may be required for specific universities).

The button above take you to the placements each participating university can offer for this programme in 2020.                                                                                   

Please read the information carefully, paying particular attention to the deadline for application in each institution.

IMPORTANT: All students who wish to apply to one of the placements offered through this programme should complete the Application Form so that U21 institutions know they are applying through the U21 Medical Clinical Placement Programme.

Review the list of contacts to sign your certificate form if you are applying to go abroad.

Contact us

Corrina Greenwood, U21 HSG Operations Manager