Who are we?

The International Development Group is a group of International Managers and Academic members with an International role from across the U21 Health Sciences Group. Currently chaired by Alison Langley from the University of Melbourne, the group works together to help ensure the key benefits, projects and initiatives of the Health Sciences Group are shared effectively across the network. The group also works together on projects with a particular focus on student mobility opportunities and communicating the benefits of the HSG.

International Development Group members

The current Chair of the International Development Group is Alison Langley from the University of Melbourne. Click here to find out more about members of the International Development Group.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the International Development Group then please contact Corrina Greenwood, U21 HSG Operations Manager

Key Projects and Activities

U21 HSG - Key benefits for students

Watch a brief overview of the key benefits on offer for students as part of being a member of the HSG