Current membership - September 2018-September 2019

  • Chair (and Host 2018): Professor Glenn Bowes, University of Melbourne

  • Deputy Chair (and Host 2019): Professor John Paul Leach, University of Glasgow

  • Host of Secretariat: Professor Damien Walmsley, University of Birmingham

  • Representative from Dentistry: Dr Michael Botelho, The University of Hong Kong

  • Representative from Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Dr Allison Mandrusiak, University of Queensland

  • Representative from Medicine: Dr Manuel Pérez Jiménez, Tecnológico de Monterrey

  • Representative from Nursing & Midwifery: Dr Lilian Ferrer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

  • Representative from Pharmacy: Dr Anthony Cox, University of Birmingham

  • Representative from Public Health: Professor Peter Adams, The University of Auckland

  • U21 HSG Executive Officer: Corrina Greenwood, University of Birmingham


The role of the Executive Committee  

  • To initiate and implement policy relating to the U21 Health Sciences group

  • To oversee funding and expenditure relating to the U21 HS group's Secretariat

  • To monitor progress on projects and initiatives identified for action at U21 HSG annual meetings

  • In consultation with U21 HS Faculty, to develop a program for each of the group's annual meetings

  • To consider and determine applications by member universities to host U21 HSG annual meetings.



  • The Dean of the Faculty (or equivalent) hosting the forthcoming annual meeting

  • The Dean of the Faculty (or equivalent) acting as immediate past host of the annual meeting

  • The Dean of the Faculty (or equivalent) hosting the group's Secretariat

  • A nominated representative from Dentistry

  • A nominated representative from Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

  • A nominated representative from Medicine

  • A nominated representative from Nursing and Midwifery

  • A nominated representative from Pharmacy

  • A nominated representative from Public Health.

Composition of the Executive Committee in the past (2003-2017)