"Increasing the Global Relevance of my Research"


The University of Birmingham was delighted to host the 2016 U21 Health Sciences Doctoral Forum (DSF) which focused on the theme: Increasing the Global Relevance of my Research’. This full day event was held on September 12, 2016 in conjunction with the U21 HSG Annual Meeting.

See the programme of the day

Student presentations centered on some of the issues they have encountered in increasing the global relevance of their doctoral research and showed the importance of: 

  • Situating their research topic in a broader, global context;
  • Increasing the generalisability and transferability of their research findings and outputs;
  • Communicating and disseminating to a global audience;
  • Developing strategies to raise their research profile and the profile of their research.

List of doctoral students who presented orally at the forum:

  • Fatma Saleh Obaid Al-Dhabbari, University of Glasgow
  • Catherine Fitzgerald, University College Dublin
  • Lesley Gratrix, University of Birmingham
  • Louise Isham, University of Birmingham
  • Miran Jung, Korea University
  • Ting Kang, Fudan University
  • Clare McFeely, University of Glasgow
  • Hanida Hani Mohd Mokhtar, University of Queensland
  • Georgina Morley, University of Birmingham
  • Henry Nwankwo, University of Birmingham

List of doctoral students who presented posters:

  • Martha Chadyiwa, University of Johannesburg
  • Yeongkeun Kwon, Korea University
  • Susan Waigwa, University of Birmingham