Following on from two successful interdisciplinary workshops at U21 Health Sciences Group Annual Meetings in China (2014) and Chile (2015), the use of simulation for teaching, learning and assessment has surfaced as an emerging focus area for ongoing collaboration and development within the U21 Health Sciences Group.

In September 2016, a workshop was held in Birmingham to outline the results of a survey of the state of simulation activities across the U21 Health Sciences Group. Workshop participants also discussed and debated some of the key issues in contemporary simulation practice with the objective to inform the development of a U21 Clinical Simulation Field Guide, and the identification of key issues for further research.

Following the workshop in Birmingham, the layout, focus and content of the U21 Field Guide was finalized. The Field Guide is aimed at assisting novice simulation practitioners and health science academics to become more involved in the design and application of simulation for clinical teaching, learning and assessment.

A guide for the assessment of clinical competence using simulation was presented to the U21 HSG community during the U21 Health Sciences Group Annual Meeting at the University of Johannesburg in September 2017.


This project is led by A/Professor Fiona Bogossian (University of Queensland) and Professor Craig Vincent-Lambert (University of Johannesburg).