U21 HS Global Learning Partnership 2016: Pilot with University of Kathmandu

The first U21 Global Learning Partnership took place in Nepal from April 17th to May 14th, 2016, in partnership with the University of Kathmandu.

The Program

  • Week 1: University-based learning:
    - Leadership in health care
    - Development of group learning objectives; and
    - Group planning community needs assessment and strategy development
    - Interprofessional case-base learning group activities–U21 UNMDG/SDG case studies
  • Week 2-4: Team based field/clinical work
    - Outreach clinical visit to rural location team
    - Interprofessional group of international partners on site;
    - Link in with existing outreach clinics currently conducted by Kathmandu University; and
    - Potential to conduct a needs assessment and team based community action plan.

The participants

  • 13 U21 Health Sciences students from the following universities:
    - University of British Columbia (Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, Nutrition)
    - The University of Auckland (Medicine, Nursing)
    - University of Birmingham (Dentistry)
    - Fudan University (Pharmacy)
    - University of Glasgow (Medicine)
    - University of Johannesburg (Optometry)
    - University of Melbourne (Public Health)
  • 19 Physiotherapy students from the University of Kathmandu


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See below some photos from the 2016 Global Learning Partnership: